Acne During Pregnancy - What, Why And How?

How Acne reacts during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, acne can react in various ways, though in most cases, the effect of estrogen hormones released during pregnancy, produce a positive effect. They can lessen the acne activity, reducing the amount and severity of acne flare-ups.

If however, pregnancy results in a flare up, attention and active therapy can be sought eliminating the threat of scarring. In few cases, there is a flare-up of acne requiring active therapy, especially if scarring is a threat. Sometimes acne first appears during pregnancy even when the person has never suffered in the past. There are also reports of first time pregnancies becoming acne sufferers only during the pregnancy, with their skin returning to normal once the child has been born.

What is the cause of acne flare-ups in pregnant women?

Many hormonal changes take place during pregnancy and this affects the structure of the skin, sometimes resulting in the development of acne. When this happens, the acne has been shown to be at its worst during the first trimester, as this is the time when the level of the hormone progesterone is at its highest. For many women experiencing acne in pregnancy, the first trimester is worse, when progesterone hormone levels are high.

The level of androgen, progesterone and pregnant women skin's oil glands.

Hormonal activity reaches its peak levels during pregnancy with increases the level of androgen and progesterone in woman. This increases the skin's oil glands activity and results in the possible acne breakouts.

Mask of pregnancy what is that?

The mask of pregnancy refers to a brownish, pigmented area forming on a woman's skin, around her cheeks, nose and eye area during pregnancy. This pigment change can appear like a synthetic reddish 'mask'. That collectively look like an "artificial, reddish layer of mask" over the face. In reality, however, it is nothing but the pregnancy-related flare up of acne. This occurs due to rapid major hormonal activity during pregnancy and is a form of pregnancy related acne.

Many times, the acne of pregnancy goes on away on its own.

Usually pregnancy related acne disappears as the pregnancy develops, believed to be due to the increase of estrogen levels reached by the second or third trimester. In fact, a woman's skin starts to look and feel better than it did during the pre-pregnancy stage. Your skin starts to look better than it has in a long time.


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